Zoe is fantastic. I went to her for for fertility treatment after several unsuccessful months of trying. Within 2 months of acupuncture i was pregnant with our little boy. I cannot recommend her services enough.
Acupuncture and Tui Na are used to increase natural fertility and can be an effective tool in the treatment of functional and unexplained infertility.
Am finally at home with my angels you helped create! How can I ever thank you? I'm so happy I'm still crying and can't quite believe my twins are finally here
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  • - unexplained infertility
  • - polycystic ovaries (PCOs)
  • - endometriosis
  • - post-miscarriage treatments
  • - high follicle stimulating hormone levels
Chinese medicine excels in the treatment of infertility. Many people come to me having been through numerous test and invasive investigations with "unexplained infertility" a frustrating diagnosis, as Western medicine offers no solutions other then assisted conception. From my perspective these cases are rarely unexplained as I take a holistic approach. Most cases come down to an imbalance between yin, the cooling nourishing aspect of our energies and yang its warming activating counterpart.

When I work with fertility I make dietary and lifestyle recommendations appropriate to individual diagnosis.