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I could not be more grateful to Zoe for working what must be described as magic on my colicky baby Orla. I was absolutely at the end of my tether. After just ONE session with Zoe, Orla slept calmly and soundly for the first evening in FIVE weeks. Zoe's Tui Na massage gave me back my baby!
As a branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) paediatric tui na follows the same principles of pathology and treatment as acupuncture, Chinese herbs and adult tui na but treatments are gentle and non-invasive.

Paediatric tui na is an approach to illness and health that has a specific indication in children: it is highly effective in treating acute illness and can reduce the need for pharmaceuticals in both acute and chronic conditions. As treatments strengthen the constitution and correct imbalances it is effective in treating a weakened immune system leading to recurrent illness. A characteristic of childrens' energetic quality is the rapidity of movement, including the movements in the status of their health. They get sick very easily, but they respond to therapeutic treatment just as easily. When they are ill, it is often possible to modify their energetic system and move it towards a better balance using only “small” actions, that do not interfere heavily and do not invade violently.

The main indications are:
  • prevention and cure of recurrent respiratory infections; (common cold, cough, catarrh, asthma) ,
  • Digestive disorders (infant colic, constipation, diarrhoea, reflux, vomiting, poor appetite)
  • assitude, poor sleep, night crying,
  • teething pain, agitation, hyperactivity, bed wetting, retarded psycho-physical development.

Where there are no specific issues some mothers may be interested to learn a 10-15 mins routine tailored to the energetics of their child to strengthen the constitution.

In all cases the child's carer will be taught an individually tailored routine of around 10-15 mins that should performed on the child daily. Initial consultations 1 hour Follow up 1/2 hour.