Chinese Herbal Medicine

One of the great herbal systems of the world, Chinese herbal medicine has a tradition dating back to the 3rd century B.C. Alongside acupuncture, and Chinese massage (tui na), it is an essential part of Chinese medicine forming a major part of health care provision in Chinese hospitals. Chinese herbal medicine is a complete medical system that is capable of treating a wide range of issues. On a recent internship based in hospitals in Beijing I saw Chinese herbs addressing numerous disorders from skin conditions such as acne excezma and psoriasis, to erectile dysfunction and infertility, to rheumatoid and osteo arthritis.

Herbs, like food, regulate the body's function via the digestion and plant based medicinal Chinese herbs can be from food stuffs that are commonly found in the kitchen like ginger, liquorice or turmeric to potent tonics derived from plants such as ginseng. The health restoring benefits of many modern day super foods such as goji berries and angelica have long been recognised in this ancient medicine.

All Chinese medicine seeks to correct internal imbalance rather then to treat symptomatically and emphasis is placed on strengthening the system to resolve disease. Where Western medications focuses on symptoms we would rather fortify the body to empower the immune resources without the side effects of pharmaceuticals. Chinese medicine recognises that health is more then just the absence of disease and it has a unique capacity for well being and happiness.

Chinese herbs are rarely used individually rather formulas are tailored to an individual's precise needs, the herbs working in synergy to address health holistically.

I use herbs of the highest quality sourced from approved suppliers who ensure the herbs comply with CITES regulation on endangered species.
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Tried several different acupuncture/pressure practitioners but Zoe is in a league of her own. There is nothing she has not been able to help me with - truly incredible. Cannot recommend highly enough.