I strongly recommend pre-birth treatments to any expectant mother. These are weekly treatments from around 36 weeks to optimise the postition of the baby, prepare the cervix for labour ( cervical ripening), and improve the mother's energy in preparation for labour. After pre-birth treatments labour is more efficient, shortening labour time, and increasing the chance of a natural birth.

One of the greatest benefits I have seen from these treatments is that they greatly reduce the likelihood of medical intervention and also the need for medical induction as births come in close to due date.

Medical studies have shown that pre-birth treatments can shorten labour time by over 2 hours.

A study in 1998 concluded that acupuncture treatment had positive effect on the duration of labour by shortening the first stage of labour - the acupuncture group had an average of 3 hours and 26 minutes compared to the control group which averaged 5 hours and 35 minutes.
At the end of my pregnancy I did the pre-birth treatments and was able to have the water birth I hoped for without any intervention.