A pregnant woman carries within her the finest piece of jade. She should enjoy all things, look at fine picture and be attended by handsome servants
Chinese text: Admonitions to ladies
Acupuncture and Tui Na provide drug free relief for many of the difficulties of pregnancy including:
  • · Nausea / Vomiting/ Heartburn
  • · Constipation / Varicose veins / Haemorrhoids
  • · Exhaustion / Anaemia / Insomnia
  • · Anxiety / Depression
  • · Urinary Tract Infections / Thrush
  • · Sinusitis / Itching in pregnancy
  • · Back ache / Neck ache / Synthesis Pubis pain
  • · Pregnancy induced Hypertension / Oedema
  • · Small-for-dates babies
  • · Breech/Posterior births
I was experiencing extreme morning sickness and my obstetrician suggested acupuncture. I have to be honest and say I was somewhat sceptical, plus I have a rather healthy dislike of needles; but feeling so desperately ill I was willing to try anything. Even after the very first treatment I felt better. More important than even the gradual improvement in the nausea was the feeling that I was back in control.